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Auto transport rates differ due to the amount of traffic, distance and weight when moving your car from one location to the other.  Another factor being looked while determining the cost by an auto transport shipping company is the size of a vehicle, type and added services.  
Due to the diverse selection in finding a reliable auto transport company, state to state auto transport can now be quoted easily.  All you have to do is search for a trusted car shipper by personal recommendations or online.
Say you found the website of the auto shipper, you can fill out a form for free and enter vital details like destination A to B, time and date, type of car and shipping, and then from there, you’ll know what the approximate auto transport rates is. You would know if they are experienced if they have even the oldest and no longer available make and model of cars available in the options provided in the form.  Furthermore, if you are not into filling out forms, you can always give them a call because for some, speaking to a live person is preferable, if they don’t have a contact no. it’s not a good sign so move on to the next coast to coast auto transport company. 
By the way, the broker’s job is to check their network of carriers who handle the shipping then arrange the process properly for you.  It is their job to give you the cheapest but the able auto transport because if you go directly to carriers, there is a big chance the prices would blow up, but some shippers say they charge $100 + on top of the actual cost, so check all options. 
On top of that, there are things you need to regard as important as the first few steps above before you book to a dependable auto transport brokerage and shipper. Here are some tips before booking:
First, you have to make certain that the broker, who provided you the reliable auto transport shipping is completely licensed, bonded, and the carriers that they use are fully insured because they are also required by federal law.  Next, part of the coast to coast auto transport services is to ask you where you want the car to be dropped off in case you are not available when the shipment arrives, someone has to do the inspection and take the keys, right?  
To give you a brief idea, part of the cost of shipping would be shippers’ needs, insurance, storage space and the security of your vehicle, apart from those, size and weight completes the quote.  To get charged less, you can book ahead of time and if possible during off-season.  Also, if you can, bring the car to the shipper instead of them picking it up from your place.  The logic is, it will cost less when less people are involved.  
Lastly, when you’re in a hurry, the pricing might not be as cheap as you expect, remember that a regular trailer carries at least two and up, so if the truck is empty aside from your car, then you pay more, although, you get your vehicle quicker.  So make sure that you plan ahead so that you get the best deal available. 


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