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Auto Transport Trailers

Auto Transport Trailers
are actually the large trucks along with trailers that carry vehicles upon them and transport it to their destinations. Auto Transport trailers could be of many kinds but it totally depends on what and how much you are willing to pay for your vehicle while it is carried all the way long to your destination. The budget and the need and requirements are more concerning aspects when it comes to shipping your vehicle. Sometimes when a vehicle is antique and it is one of its own kind, then it is totally dangerous to choose an open trailer and expose it to all the weather effects, but when it is not an antique piece of art or some common family car or a simply a double cabin or a pickup it wouldn’t be wise to select enclosed auto transport trailer. Well as said earlier, it all depends upon the need and requirement of the customer, whatsoever service he wants to be offered.
While discussing the kinds of trailers you could mention them in following of these kinds.

Open Tractor trailers

Enclosed Tractor trailers

Hotshot Trucks/trailers

Open Auto Transport Trailers

As by the name it is clear they are open ended and could carry many vehicles at the same time, they mostly have two partitions, one at above and one at below. The numbers of cars are parked inside them up and down on both partitions depending upon the size and length of trailer.
These trailers are built of large iron platforms that could sustain the weight and pressure of vehicles and hence allows the trailer not to break off with the burden.

Usage and application:
These trailers are mostly the carriers for normal road cars or the vehicles that are not some unique piece of metals, They carry mostly saloon cars, double cabin pickup trucks and other road cars. These trailers are most common methods of transportation and could be seen on most of the high ways, carrying vehicles.

Enclosed Auto Transport Trailers

These trailers are usually a better choice when it comes to save a vehicle from all type of road debris and weather hazards. These trailers are totally covered from both sides and from the roof of the trailer with large iron and steel protectors. They have the same scenario as of an open auto transport trailer with two portions, and they nearly carry equal amount of vehicles as to the auto transport trailer.

Usage and application:

These trailers are used on the demand of any customer, when he is in the need looking for a more secure method of transporting his car by an auto transporting company. Then he is provided in choosing this option. The enclosed auto transport trailers might would cost him more than choosing an open auto transport trailer but it would save his vehicle from much of the hazards that could possibly happen to the vehicle on an open transport trailer.

Hotshot Trucks

These transport trailers as by the name are one of their own kinds and they are used for carrying a single vehicle of one its own kind. These trucks are mostly smaller in size as compared to the open or enclosed trailers. They are used actually to carry antique and very valuable cars.

These are some of the kinds of auto transport trailers that are used in transportation of vehicles. The prices and the charges vary with the options you select for your vehicle and it all depends upon your needs and requirements.


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