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More or less hundreds of car moving company provides different car transport cost in their free quotes, this is due to the fact that they have standard and added services that may not be available on cheap deals, although, I am not discounting the fact that a low cost deal can be of great help to you.   There are a variety of grounds why a car transport cost can be higher or lower than the other, and more often than not, it is the consumers’ responsibility and here are the reasons why:
When best car moving companies provide the quote, you may have forgotten details that can be overall crucial to the car transport cost.  For your type of car, make sure that you provide the correct details like make, model, and year if you have customized it. For example:  When a car chassis is fully lowered, it will be hard to get it into the truck ramp, therefore, may need extra manpower to load your car, in result, you may get additional charges. Or if your car does not have tires or operable breaks, let them know this, at least beforehand they know how to treat your car when the process begins.  Some auto transport companies can also move bigger cars like SUVs, motorcycles, vintage and sports cars.
Best car moving company supply diagnosis when you bring your car in for inspection, this is essential for you to know if the car has been damaged during the transit of your vehicle.  Make sure do do it on your own as well, in case the company missed checking on anything.
Aside from this, a part of the car transport cost is the date that you need the car delivered. It is wise to research for moving car company early and not prematurely, if so, and then you would need to pay more to expedite the process.  Keep in mind that if you choose the open trailer trucks, it needs to be filled with five to ten cars, wherein, for enclosed trucks it carries a minimum of three.  So if you are in a bit of a hurry, then the expense would be greater than you expect.
Due to the demand of consumers and the help of technology, best car moving company now provide a free shipping status update,  they will bring you up to date with the progression of the transit and most especially, when there are matters concerning the delay of the shipment.  Some send text, provide access online or even call you.  
Last but not the least, the company you’re dealing with should show certification and insurance as per the Federal law, if everything looks fine aside from this part, well, you are bound to make a big mistake.  Any company you deal with should be legitimate and have a rock solid background in the business.  Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints and check if they are reputable and have positive feedback from their past clients, look on forums and blogs, even the social media, to ensure you get your hard-earned money’s worth.

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