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Car transport shipping
services are an enormously booming industry these days, with a number of unique aspects and operational methods associated with it. Since it’s a mostly unregulated business with thousands of companies and individuals vying for customer attention, car transport rates vary to quite an extent. However, before going straight to the lowest bidder for shipping a car, you should consider a number of facts in order to choose the right company to transport a car.
Firstly, do a general web search for car transport shipping companies and focus on, say, 10-15 reputed companies. Try to be accurate while searching, entering keywords like your destination, car type, location etc correctly for the most effective results. Go through the quotes for a transport car carefully. It should be noted that commonplace public vehicles, as well private vehicles generally cost less, while customized or classic car shipping costs more in terms of charges.
Try finding customer reviews for the companies you choose. You can also ask your friends and acquaintances as well, asking about their experiences about car transport shipping. Carefully read customers complaints, quotes, reviews, company ratings and web traffic for better ideas about a company. Though most companies will offer you in-depth knowledge on how to transport a car, only a handful will provide you with quality services. As a precaution, without falling for flashy ads, check the status of the brokers for the companies, while taking notes of the carriers offered and their warranty and credibility to transport a car.
The reason behind a number of customers being ripped-off in the process to transport a car is the fact that most of them go for the cheapest car transport rates available. This is not always a brilliant move, and the smartest choice for you would be to check out if the company offering the cheapest rates has personal carriers, or they just employ individual carriers with the lowest bidding price. In case of the latter, often is the case that the company would not find a bidder that low, and therefore they cancel the deal, rendering the customer helpless.
After deciding upon a car transport shipping company, check out the booking process - whether it's an email or fax, and goes through with it carefully. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing and sort of document, and keep a copy of your own for future references.
Make sure that the carrier you choose has its own insurance, and help inspecting your car. Remove everything valuable from your car that is not an integral part of it, note any prior damage to it and point it out to the carrier. Most transport car companies provide the customer with a Vehicle Condition Report. Check out the report for accuracy, and keep it with you until the car is delivered. 
Upon delivery, check the car thoroughly for any sort of damage, scratch or dent. If there's any, point that out to the carrier immediately for your share of damage charge. Refer to the previously saved report in support of your point. Trust your guts, depend on your instincts, and you should be pretty much ok next time you look for a car transport shipping company with your knowledge of how to transport a car.

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