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Exotic Car Transport

The inception of car transport companies has come as a blessing for antique car collectors. Exotic car transport - as the industry insiders call it, is a great way for collectors and researchers all over the country to have their classic car delivered at their doorway. Exotic car transport has branched out on so many dimensions in recent years, that tens of thousands companies offering exotic car transport are currently available in the market.
Exotic car transport generally refers to the car transport service where especially the classic, antique and exotic cars are shipped throughout the country. Since it deals with such delicate items, exotic car transport is a bit different from the standard shipping services available in the market.
The main difference between exotic car transport and common ones is the cost. Exotic car transport demand a lot more than the latter, often ranging to tenfold. This is due to the fact that classic cars have to be dealt with an amount of extra care and management, which requires extended effort.
Also, exotic car transport calls for extended insurance and security. While standard cars require only one insurance in case of damage, these exotic cars tend to have 2 or more, depending on the price and age of the car. Exotic car transport also takes into account the fact that these cars carry with them a lot of paperwork and documents, which are time consuming to deal with. As a result, in case of exotic car transport, often quite a bit of extra fee is slapped on the customer as service charge.
Furthermore, a number of states have regulations regarding classic cars that take quite a handsome amount of money to enter into the state. In terms of interstate exotic car transport, even further additional fees can be added as a result.
Since these cars are age-old and valuable items, special concern is needed to focus on the deal before the actual transport can take place. Like any other shipping process, exotic car transport also comes with company-based set rules of written documents. Check out the terms and conditions carefully, going through every minute detail. Pay special attention to the asterisk-containing clauses, as well the ones where exotic car transport only conditions are specified. Especially check and double check the reimbursement policy in case of damage and dent.
The best approach to exotic car transport to look for reputed exotic car transport companies available on the internet. Look for the ones with favorable user reviews, ratings, less complaints and better customer services. Compare prices between 2 or more companies at a time, to find out a better and suitable deal. You can also go for standard car transport companies with an exotic car transport wing as well if the deal suits you. Try picking out the companies priced at the middle, instead of cheapest ones or radically high priced ones, since these tend to have the best deals on exotic car transport.
Finally, if you are a collector and want to have your antique car delivered to your home with care, exotic car transport is the service for you.

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